Das Emblemthe emblem


The emblem conveys the purpose of the conference. It consists of the following:

The circle in the centre represents Poornatva (fullness) of Gnaana (wisdom)

The Symbol OM in the centre is to be understood as the embodiment of Para Brahman, the source of all wisdom, as explained in the Upanishads.

Four Facets: Gnaana (Wisdom), Naada (Music or Sound), Bhakti (Devotion) and Yoga.

The four directions represent the spreading of wisdom to all the directions around globe.

The External ring symbolises the sphere of Maaya (illusionary world), which veils the eternal wisdom.

The Four Slogans in the external circle characterize the four facets of the Conference: Wisdom × Music × Devotion × Yoga. They all have the same goal, i.e. to reach the ultimate state of the Absolute, of Para Brahman:

1 Gnaanaadevahi kaivalyam
Eternal solitude (salvation) is only possible through wisdom. All the other paths in the direction to God lead to Gnaana.

2 Naadaanusandhaana namostu
Naada is the primordial sound, often represented by music. By understanding the purpose and practice of music, one can discover the innate sound of eternity.

3 Bhaktireva gareeyasee
Devotion towards the Almighty is the easiest path to achieve the ultimate goal. It inspires us to follow the development of selfless love towards God.

4 Yogah citta vrutti nirodhah
A tranquil mind is the purpose of Yoga. Control of the mind is the key to all success in life. Discovery of Yoga in the deeds is the essence of Kriya Yoga propagated by Sri Swamiji.