Gna Na Bha Yoga Conference –

‘Nada Sagara’ Concert – Guru Purnima


18 - 22 July 2010
in Geseke, Germany

The wonderfully diverse 10 day program with Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji and His team began with the unique Gna Na Bha Yoga Conference dedicated to a west – east dialogue on knowledge/philosophy, music, devotion and yoga. Guru Gita chanting in the afternoons was a welcome activity whereby all participants could actively take part in the chanting. At the same time there was a special fun and educational program for over 30 children and teenagers with art and crafts, games, singing and yoga activities designed for their age groups. Sri Swamiji and His ensemble filled the evenings with inspirational Bhajan singing and lectures. These were received very enthusiastically by those present and sometimes accompanied by joyful dancing.

A day of relaxation, with a boat trip and a visit to a cave with stalagmites on Friday, made a lovely transition to the concert on Saturday and the Guru Purnima Celebration on Sunday. On Friday evening the children and young adults surprised all present with their musical and artistic abilities in the ‘Yong Talent Show’.

Sri Swamiji blessed all participants – the number had increased by more than a half by the weekend – with Sri Chakra Puja, a ritual in the Indian tradition, and guided them into a world of heavenly and relaxing sounds in the evening. The high point was the Guru Purnima Celebration on 25 July 2010, with more than 500 participants from over 10 different countries joining in.

‘Nada Sagara’ Concert

The exceptional concert in the Hubertussaal in Nymphenburg Castle captivated the large audience. Through His playing Sri Swamiji expressed His joy in the special atmosphere of the castle, where Ludwig II was born. He especially elaborated on the Ahladini raga, which he dedicated to King Ludwig, as well as another rare raga called Khadyota Kanti. Sri Swamiji succeeded once again in captivating the music lovers with His wonderful sounds.
The marvellous occasion was a great heartfelt success thanks to the incredible efforts of all the volunteers as well as the generous donations.