Gna Na Bha Yoga Conference

East and West in Dialogue

19 - 22 July 2010
in Geseke, Germany

This Gna Na Bha Yoga Conference held for the first time in Europe, was very special because it included the western tradition in this otherwise exclusively Indian tradition. Sri Swamiji the founder of this conference, welcomed the idea of a multicultural perspective and supported it very enthusiastically, expressing his happiness to the excellent speakers. The conference participants were very appreciative of the presentations on the four spiritual themes:


Philosophy / Knowledge (Gnana) with Prof. Michael von Brück, LM University, Munich.
He mesmerized all the participants from both the East and the West, with his presentation of a non dual reality in the western spiritual tradition, as is normally taught in Advaita Vedanta. Talk


Music (Nada) with Prof. Eric Cross, Newcastle University, England.
He gave an impressive tour through the history of music portraying how the divine was expressed in every epoch right up to modern church music, which shows some eastern influence. His presentation was very nicely supported by specially chosen music pieces. Talk, Presentation


Devotion (Bhakti) with Father Lutz Müller SJ, Jesuit Order Germany.
As a representative of the Jesuit Order in Germany for the Pastoral profession he explained in a detailed and humorous way how the religious exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola prepare the disciple for the pastoral profession, how he can develop a personal relationship to Jesus and complete this practice in service to God and mankind. Talk


Yoga with Marianne and Heinz Behnken, Via Cordis, Wennigsen.
They developed and led the “House of Stillness and Meeting” in Wennigsen Monastery as Contemplation teachers from 2001 to 2007. They deeply touched the audience and brought them into the stillness of the heart through the Heart Prayer, which is an early Christian form of mantric praying from the eastern Christian tradition. Talk


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